The automotive industry faces a lot of cleaning flat reed

Many of the leading automobile companies have identified dry ice blasting as the best method for cleaning man fans that are used extensively in automotive plants. Also known as CO2 blasting, dry ice blasting is a powerful cleaning process where solid CO2 pellets (dry ice) are used for cleaning various applications. Here, compressed air is used to blast frozen CO2 pellets which ultimately cleans the surface without leaving any sort of residue.
Lets us see the importance of dry ice blasting in the automobile industry. More and more companies are thus turning to eco-friendly alternatives such as dry ice blasting.
Dry ice blasting can drastically reduce the time spent on cleaning as compared to the traditional methods. And as dry ice cleaning requires no flammable chemicals and is not corrosive to electrical wiring, motors or switches, it is perfect for cleaning the huge fans.

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry faces a lot of cleaning dilemmas that need to be taken care of at the proper time.

With so many benefits, no doubt dry ice blasting is regarded as a revolutionary method in automobile industry.

Any items that are part of a production process can be cleaned properly on line or during production process with the help of dry ice blasting. These include:

Pre-fixed Equipments

In any flat reed industry, it is really tough to clean the dirty production equipments full of grease, dirt and oil stains. A delay in the cleaning procedure can lead to improper functioning of the machineries

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